5 reasons you are not ranking high in Google search engine

In principle, the glass of an entrepreneur or enterprising manager is half full, but you may also want to know what that empty half of the glass looks like. After all, Google will only work if the glasses are filled to the brim. Bring on those visitors after that!

1. You are not Popie Jopie

Forget about your upbringing, because you only count at the top of the Google search engine if you are popular. It’s like this: on the internet every company thinks itself great and the most relevant. However, Google knows that not everything that glitters is gold. That is why they ask for independent advice from other websites, as it were. Every website that decides to link to your website has an influence on how Google sees you.

2. You want too soon

If you put a sunflower seed in the ground now, it will take at least 80 days to flower. If you are now engaged in search engine optimization, it also takes time before you can start harvesting. It’s quite simple: The more competitive and larger the search terms, the more results you can expect, but also the longer you have to be patient. Step by step you get high in the search engine Google.

3. You are not original

If everyone shares 10 reasons to get on top of the Google search engine, why not even write a blog with 5 reasons why you don’t rank high in the Google search engine? You will see that you get more attention that way, so Google sees that more clicks are being made to your result. In this way it appears that you have added value.

4. It’s about the intention

People judge others based on behavior and not intention. After all, behavior can be measured and has an effect. However, Google always assesses intention. That is to say: if someone searches in Google, Google knows what the underlying intention is and so it is very important that you connect with it. If you don’t take search intent into account, you won’t rank high in search engines.

5. DNA unknown

You have no idea who is right for you, let alone that your target audience knows they are right for you. Only if you do all marketing campaigns with the right person in mind will you be successful. Google is smart enough to see that no one feels addressed and clicks back to the results page in seconds.


We are happy to work with you to use many more parts of the secret of Google for your growth. Hop, hop, on to the top!