Business growth: these 6 insights will grow your business

Do you want to develop further as an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial manager in business services? Or grow personally in your skills? Or do you want to increase your return and increase independence? Or would you like more colleagues? Or is it time to prepare your business for sale? Then business growth is an important means.

How do you grow the business?

As Heinosoft we do online marketing for ourselves via Google, LinkedIn and our website. We combine that with offline marketing, such as highway advertising, cold acquisition, direct mailing and radio advertising. We also pamper current customers. In this way we build an enthusiastic, growing movement together.

However, growth also comes from optimizing processes, offerings and corporate culture. We are happy to share 6 personal insights with you.

1. Automate repetitive tasks

Is it the same song over and over with you or one of the colleagues? Repetitive work is often a barrier to business growth. It is often not the best work and because there is a lot of repetition, mistakes quickly creep in. By automating the boring, repetitive tasks, space is created for other work and it is easier to scale up because the support departments deliver better work.

This is why at Heinosoft we have automated the measurement of positions in Google, the reporting of campaign results, the accurate logging of activities and also specific parts of campaigns. We use custom software in as many areas as possible to keep overheads low. More ideas in this category? You will find an interesting case about the benefits of custom software at our customer Ambrero.

2. Broaden your offer for enthusiastic customers

There is always a top list of clients (usually around 20%) who are incredibly happy to work with you. They believe in the corporate philosophy. You have been working with them for years and there is a lot of contact. These customers are eager in a positive sense. They want more from you, your company and they always see things that can be further developed.

Make sure you regularly provide these customers with new ideas and ensure that the relationship and the activities continue to expand. The interesting thing is that these customers will also appreciate that. And it is very simple: these customers are already convinced, so that is simply much easier to sell. You happy, they happy, everyone happy.

3. Grow business: facilitate team development

You don’t have to be sick to get better. Growing your business is also done through team development. The least it takes is alertness to dormant themes. At Heinosoft everyone is in regular conversation with external coaches. We know that the combination of everyone in our company maintains a system, so everyone is an essential part of business growth.

Where as a person you can never be perfect, as a team you can get much further because you complement each other. Plenty of opportunities. Do you dare?

4. Develop marketing characters

There is always a common denominator in your customer group. Think of a certain position, age, gender, industry, training, et cetera. But, perhaps that common denominator is not at all the target group from which your company will grow. Maybe you have a completely different favorite decision maker for your company.

The trick is to work out a number of specific marketing characters for which you will develop everything for in terms of texts and offer from that moment on. And the whole company will be aware after your presentation as soon as a person important to the company comes on the path.

You can even name and image these marketing characters so that they really come to life and have a face.

5. Focus on customer relationships

You often see with B2B companies that there is a lot of energy at the start and that it slowly decreases during the collaboration. Since we have a precondition for new customers that there is a monthly conversation about the activities, the results achieved and the activities of the following month, this has been resolved.

Make sure you are not a company where the front door is open to new customers, but where it is just as busy at the back door with customers leaving because they have too little connection with you.

6. Measure and improve

Imagine you want to lose weight, but you don’t have a scale. Then you can choose to measure the circumference of your waist, for example. And if you don’t measure that, there may be other options. However, you cannot improve what you don’t know. So make sure you measure all the important measures of success.

At Heinosoft, we find it very important to know exactly how many real interaction moments there are with our target group, such as calls, e-mails, downloads of a whitepaper, completed forms, and the like. In addition, we also monitor as closely as possible the first moment that our company became visible to these contacts.