Highway advertising: 5 reasons and 2 pitfalls

554 extra searchers in Google for our brand name, 299 visitors, 7 large requests and dozens of messages from our network: the result of the first 4 weeks in which we tested motorway advertising on a small scale.

In this blog we share the main reasons for choosing highway advertising. We also share two pitfalls with you.

1. We want to grow further as Heinosoft

As Heinosoft, we want to bring as many companies as possible into contact with their target group. That is the reason that we, as a team enjoy getting out of bed every day. This also provides more security and stability in our family business and the challenge that comes with growth, such as the growth in the number of team members, gives energy. You understand; we enjoy growth, and advertising along the highway is proving effective.

2. Our customers think big, so a few new customers already result in returns

Whether highway advertising works for a company partly depends on the return that is made. We see two types of companies for which highway advertising works: the company that appeals to a massive target group and is able to get a return from it (usually B2C) or a company that makes a lot of return on a specific target group that values the offer highly (B2B). As Heinosoft we fall into that second category.

3. We notice that our buyer personas are on the road a lot (even in times of crisis!)

When we started billboard advertising, the corona crisis was one of the highlights (April 2020). That resulted in the opportunity to experiment with a lower financial risk. And immediately we saw that our suspicion was correct: many higher management (read: the people who choose our services) were still on their way to the almost empty offices. There was often a latent need for more visitors through Google. This of course also arose from the fact that online took off because everyone stayed at home as much as possible.

4. There is a group of decision-makers who are not active online, but want to position the company online

This is a striking argument! Large entrepreneurs in the Netherlands appear to have little to do with online. Some of them know that they can’t ignore it. And while they were being driven and saw our communication along the highway, they contacted us. A misunderstanding in online marketing is that you must do for yourself what you do for your customers, while we have been actively fishing in ponds where our competitor is not located for years. So great!

5. In addition to direct turnover, brand awareness also proves to be valuable in the long term

It’s very simple: as people, we are more likely to opt for a well-known brand. Certainly if the offer is assessed by several decision-makers, it has a positive impact if the decision-makers are familiar with Heinosoft in advance. You know it: “Billboards don’t affect me, I just choose the famous brands! 😄 ”.

Finally, two pitfalls in highway advertising

When choosing billboard advertising, pay particular attention to the number of advertisers per screen. For example, we spoke with a company where you are visible every 2 minutes, only 7 seconds.

In addition, when choosing a sign, do not be distracted by the number of motorists driving. Our experience is: better close to the road and a lower range than a lot of distance from the road with twice the range.

Want to get started with advertising along the highway?

For highway advertising we work together with Ocean Outdoor. Our contact person is Frank van den Heuvel. And we are fans, because there is no company in the Netherlands that has as much to offer as them. We have been called flat by all our competitors, but – despite various conversations – not one has convinced us of the added value.