Increasing brand awareness = no slack

Until recently, brand awareness has stood side by side with “slack-bite marketing with no returns that is sold with an even slacker long-term excuse”. Logical within our frame of reference, because if we help a customer at the top of Google, the result can be accurately measured.

The interesting thing, however, is that this can also be a pitfall for online-oriented entrepreneurs, because directly measurable marketing that leads to growth gives you more control, but still getting the right customers with less directly measurable marketing is also nice.

What does brand awareness really stand for?

Building on this, it is important to realize what brand awareness really stands for: the difference between a warm and cold introduction. “How nice, I know you from BNR Nieuwsradio” or “How Nice, I saw a vlog of yours on LinkedIn”, is just a world of difference with “Sorry, what’s your company called again?”. Or how about: “I would like more customers via Google, so I had to think about you”. So, the marketing cliché always turns out to be true: your target group prefers to choose something that has already been explored.

Impact on current relationships

Another side effect of building brand awareness: your current relationships also keep seeing you passing by and realize that you are (still) in the game. You exude success and people like to join a successful movement. And if you do not already have a standard repetitive offer, it also has an impact on the future, repetitive purchasing behaviour of your target group.

Brand awareness and (new) competition

As a last important reason, increasing brand awareness also affects (new) competition. It is as if you appropriate a certain expertise or message and plant a flag with your logo on it. So, remember this: We know the Google Secret. And everyone should know that.

Increase brand awareness and Google

Speaking of Google, search your brand name regularly and think about what someone sees when they do it for the first time. For example, you can expand your Google Maps profile with a quote button. Or use featured snippets. And did you know that you can also show updates from your social media, latest blogs, or important announcements directly in Google when someone searches for your brand name?


The following applies to the brand awareness strategy: Rome was not built in a day. Brand awareness is something you are constantly working on. And it will make you happy. Lots of fun!