New markets at the top of Google

Author and speaker Jos Burgers once told a story in which he compared businesses to cows. Those cows tended to graze as a group on one part of the pasture. The result: that part contained very little grass + a lot of poo…. BAH! Jos’ lesson: look for places where your competitors don’t graze!

Discover the quiet place

And our surprise today: the place where your competitors are not located is… just at the top of Google! But not on the search terms that are obvious. After all, your competitors are fighting a lot there. No, while they fight for the leg at the top in Google, you go with it. Because with this strategy you can get to the top of Google in a place where it is still quiet. With fresh green grass. And where you don’t fall for the poo yet.

Do you want to get to the top of Google that way? Then ask yourself the following question:

  • What else is my target group doing besides the offer from our company?

This is how we do it concretely

For example, at Heinosoft we know that almost every entrepreneur or marketing manager sometimes wonders: Does those billboards work along the highway? Would that be something for us? So we regularly share the results and write blogs about what we’ve learned from our highway advertising . And of course, we add a photo of our expressions on those billboards: We know the secret of Google. Because yes, that is our promise to the market. And in this piece of ‘pasture’ at the top of Google we do not encounter any competitors.

Because of that unique information that we share on the website, our website arrives at the top of Google on all kinds of specific search terms around highway advertising. Especially since we also combine this with another aspect of Google’s secret: building authority and popularity (link building). This is how we get visitors through the most unexpected routes. And that way you can also reach target groups with your website at the top of Google that are not looking for your offer, but certainly have a need for your offer.

The best is yet to come

Whenever we do an analysis of these kinds of unexplored areas, we see that new energy is emerging. The opportunities are literally there for the taking. Where you are now with online marketing is often only the beginning. The possibilities are endless.