One goal: more turnover from new customers.

Like Google, Heinosoft was founded in 1998 and has been active for over 20 years. We therefore know how Google selects, and we have experience in prioritising. This results in a smart and effective website for your visitors and Google. Ultimately, we have one goal: increasing sales from your website by attracting new customers. With an almost obsessive focus, we set up the website together with you so that your target group finds exactly what it is looking for. We ensure your site speaks the language of your target group. With the correct content and structure, your target group will relate to the texts on the website. This way you get what you really want: more new customers, more growth and, as a result, more turnover.

The core of our approach: Google centricity. We help setting the right goals using our professional expertise. This leads to more new customers and more turnover by striking the right chord with your target group. We explicitly work on the following points of attention:

  • The structure and content of your website.
  • The technology and server.
  • The added value of your website.

Your web builder plays an important role in the campaign. Together we work on getting the website right. Our self-developed software checks on a daily basis whether your website still matches our campaign. We adjust elements quickly if necessary.