More influence, more new customers

We can work with you to increase the influence of your website and the position in Google associated with it; all with the right analysis and strategy. It helps your company become a trendsetter in your industry, thereby attracting more visitors who eventually become customers. Marketing-wise, we can strike the right chord together and create more online attention for your company. There are also points of attention in the marketing that you are already doing that can influence this. We are happy to advise and support you in putting your website in the spotlight as much as possible.

Again, Google is central. We help setting the right goals using our professional expertise. After all, this leads to more new customers and more turnover.

How exactly do we deal with this in practice?

  • We determine the level of authority of your competitors that are already at the top of Google Search Results.
  • After that, we look at the websites that link to your website and compare your authority with that of the competition.
  • Then we make a plan: how are we going to ensure that you get the attention / links your website deserves? Where does your competitor receive attention and where are the possibilities for you? What are other ways to get linked?
  • Together with you, we ensure that the number of websites with a link to your website increases, so that Google knows you are relevant; a specialist in your field.

Links from social media, news media, your partners and links via excellent content can also contribute to this.