Turn visitors into customers

Every click leads towards your goal

Research shows that the average website visitor spends no more than 7 seconds on a new website. Within that time you want to show immediately what distinguishes you from the rest. Your distinctive characteristic must be immediately clear within the first 2 seconds. You want to have a website that is rock solid. One that ensures that the visitor is led directly to the purpose of the website without detours. This can be buying a product, filling out a form or contacting you by telephone to make an appointment. Encourage the visitor to follow your pre-designed path, gain their trust and turn them into a customer, so that your company can grow.

Compare it with the efficient signage at Schiphol Airport. You will be guided very efficiently from the check-in counter to the gate without getting lost. This walkthrough at Schiphol is praised worldwide and you want your website to work in the same way. Effective and efficient. Right on target. Through smart measurements, A / B testing and other tools, we can improve the conversion together with you.